Version 3.18.1

File: event/js/event-ready.js

             * DOM event listener abstraction layer
             * @module event
             * @submodule event-base
             * The domready event fires at the moment the browser's DOM is
             * usable. In most cases, this is before images are fully
             * downloaded, allowing you to provide a more responsive user
             * interface.
             * In YUI 3, domready subscribers will be notified immediately if
             * that moment has already passed when the subscription is created.
             * One exception is if the yui.js file is dynamically injected into
             * the page.  If this is done, you must tell the YUI instance that
             * you did this in order for DOMReady (and window load events) to
             * fire normally.  That configuration option is 'injected' -- set
             * it to true if the yui.js script is not included inline.
             * This method is part of the 'event-ready' module, which is a
             * submodule of 'event'.
             * @event domready
             * @for YUI
            Y.publish('domready', {
                fireOnce: true,
                async: true
            if (YUI.Env.DOMReady) {
            } else {
                Y.Do.before(function() {'domready'); }, YUI.Env, '_ready');