Ticket #2529449 (assigned enhancement)


Greg Hinch
Opened: 10/18/10
Last modified: 08/22/13
Status: assigned
Type: enhancement


Jenny Donnelly
Target Release: BACKLOG
Priority: P3 (normal)
Summary: Queue children rendering in WidgetParent

It would be great to be able to configure WidgetParent to render its children via a queue. Could probably work similar to the Chain class in YUI2 DataTable, allowing definition of a renderLoop size,
as well as possible synchronous/asynchronous values for the timeout attribute of AsyncQueue.

Type: enhancement Observed in Version: 3.2.0
Component: Widget Severity: S3 (normal)
Assigned To: Jenny Donnelly Target Release: BACKLOG
Location: Priority: P3 (normal)
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Change History

Satyen Desai

YUI Developer

  • Username: sdesai
  • GitHub: sdesai
Posted: 10/21/10
  • milestone changed to 3.NEXT
  • priority changed to P3 (normal)
  • status changed from new to accepted

I think we need to look at performance in general for WidgetParent/Child set ups. This would include rendering to a buffer/off document, async render and lazyRender. We also need to look at lazy instantiation of Children, and also a flyweight pattern - where we could share 1 instance of a Child widget, across multiple children (like Node/NodeList, or DD Delegate).

Greg Hinch

YUI Contributor

  • Username: greghinch
  • GitHub: ghinch
Posted: 11/17/10

additionally, ability to call one, some, or all children's destroy() method would be good to add, to allow for properly removing children via the destructor phase rather than just removing their boundingBox from the DOM

Jenny Donnelly

YUI Developer

  • Username: jenny
  • GitHub: jenny
Posted: 09/19/12
  • milestone changed from 3.NEXT to BACKLOG

Moving from 3.NEXT to BACKLOG.

Jenny Donnelly

YUI Developer

  • Username: jenny
  • GitHub: jenny
Posted: 08/22/13
  • owner changed from Satyen Desai to Jenny Donnelly
  • status changed from accepted to assigned