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Jacob Fogg

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Stalker with TR's

Post Posted: Thu Jun 30, 2011 2:35 pm
Hey Caridy,

I need your stalker plugin to work with <tr>'s.

I have a project with a large table (about 50 rows per page and I have about 8 rows above the fold). My client is currently displaying the table every 15 records. I think your stalker plugin would serve this use-case well.

Currently it is not working out of the box (, and even if it were, the second the tr had "position:fixed" applied, it would break the table spacing for both the header rows and the other rows.

By simply measuring the column width and applying a style to each column, this just might work.

I am happy to write the code for this, I just wanted to ping you first to see if you would prefer me to branch your code and submit a pull for the changes or simply extend it into another plugin.

I am not in a huge hurry (will need it in about a month or so), but would like to start making some progress soon.

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