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Guozheng Ge

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yuitest-coverage how to exclude sub dirs in an input dir

Post Posted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:46 pm
I have an input js dir that contains some third party js libs (in node_modules), and they are causing yuitest-coverage Java parser exceptions. Is there any easier way to exclude sub dirs, like -x/--exclude <sub_dir>?

For example, I have this input js code dir:

- index.js
- node_modules
- lib
   - my-lib
     - another_lib_dont_want
     - my.js
   - his-lib
     - his.js

How to exclude node_modules?

Currently, I have to split into multiple yuitest-coverage commands:

<manually create the dest directory structures>
yuitest-coverage src/index.js -o dest/index.js
yuitest-coverage src/lib/my-lib/my.js -o dest/lib/my-lib/my.js
yuitest-coverage -d src/lib/his-lib -o dest/lib/his-lib

This is very inconvenient since now we need to track each lib and js file that we want, instead of using some exclude syntax.
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