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Evan Culver

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Running YETI stand-alone

Post Posted: Thu Feb 10, 2011 10:51 am
Is it possible to run YETI in stand-alone mode (i.e. with no server running)? I realize that it kind of kills about 90% of it's value, but it would be nice to have a quick little way of running a series of tests from the command-line.

Here's what I'm seeing:

evanculver@lima$ yeti testing-prototype.html
Fatal error: Error: ECONNREFUSED, Connection refused
    at IOWatcher.callback (net:870:22)
    at node.js:773:9
If you believe this is a bug in Yeti, please report it:
    or email:
    Yeti version: 0.1.4
    Node.js version: v0.2.6

This seems to be the side effect of not being able to connect to a server instance, but I could be wrong. Thoughts?

Reid Burke

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Re: Running YETI stand-alone

Post Posted: Tue May 03, 2011 2:25 pm
This currently isn't possible when Yeti is used with Node 0.4 or later. Today's 0.1.7 release brings Yeti up-to-date with latest dependencies, so the next minor release will fix standalone mode on 0.4.x and other minor issues.

Sorry about that! For now, using --server is the way to go.
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