Ticket #2532106 (closed defect)


Steven Olmsted
Opened: 04/4/12
Last modified: 08/1/12
Status: closed
Type: defect
Resolution: fixed


Dav Glass
Target Release: 3.6.0
Priority: P3 (normal)
Summary: Drag handles aren't well explained in the example.

The example here: http://stage.yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/dd/drag-plugin.html

It demonstrates using the dd node plugin. The drag handle is an h2 element that says Drag Me Here. That's a good visual clue. The old example has a little x in the top corner to drag by, and that
was confusing since it appeared to be a close button. The new example failed to change this comment in the source: //Now you can only drag it from the x in the corner

Also, I think it's pretty obvious what happening by looking at the example, yet I feel like there should be at least a 1 sentence description of what a drag handle is and does.

Type: defect Observed in Version: 3.5.0pr4
Component: DragDrop Severity: S4 (low)
Assigned To: Dav Glass Target Release: 3.6.0
Location: Example Priority: P3 (normal)
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Dav Glass

Posted: 04/4/12
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Dav Glass

Posted: 04/4/12

Not sure if you know this (we need to promote this better) but the docs are all on Github and we accept pull requests for them :)


Dav Glass

Posted: 04/5/12
  • milestone changed from 3.5.0 to 3.6.0

Dav Glass

Posted: 04/5/12
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Too late to get into the 3.5.0 release, but will update the live-docs branch to get this deployed before 3.6.0 PR1

Dav Glass

Posted: 04/6/12
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Dav Glass

Posted: 04/12/12
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Fixes #2532106 - Added better documentation for DD drag handles
View Commit: 8c640cdcee44b649816c46206e49ec63641cc627

Jenny Donnelly

YUI Developer

  • Username: jenny
  • GitHub: jenny
Posted: 08/1/12
  • status changed from checkedin to closed

Shipped in 3.6.0. Marking closed/fixed.