Ticket #2530809 (assigned enhancement)


Luke Smith
Opened: 08/5/11
Last modified: 03/25/13
Status: assigned
Type: enhancement


Anthony Pipkin
Target Release: FUTURE
Priority: P5 (trivial)
Summary: Checkbox column formatter that adds (un)check all checkbox in header

Pretty much every time a checkbox is wanted for the cell formatter, having a check all/none box as the column header is convention. This should be baked in.

Reminded of this from this article: http://uxmovement.com/content/useful-techniques-for-user-friendly-tables/

Type: enhancement Observed in Version: 3.4.0 PR3
Component: DataTable Severity: S4 (low)
Assigned To: Anthony Pipkin Target Release: FUTURE
Location: Library Code Priority: P5 (trivial)
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Browsers: N/A
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Anthony Pipkin

YUI Developer

Posted: 03/25/13
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