Ticket #2527949 (accepted enhancement)


Opened: 06/4/09
Last modified: 10/4/11
Status: accepted
Type: enhancement


Dav Glass
Target Release: FUTURE
Priority: P3 (normal)
Summary: make loadOptional more granular

Original description 2008-04-07 23:38

The current syntax forces you to load all optional dependencies. This has the undesirable effect of automatically all
components' optional behaviours active instead of just one's. Increased granularity should be available in the Loader
API (i.e. specify options for each component).

[imported, bz 1859738]

Type: enhancement Observed in Version: development master
Component: Loader Severity: S3 (normal)
Assigned To: Dav Glass Target Release: FUTURE
Location: Library Code Priority: P3 (normal)
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YUI Developer

  • Username: george
Posted: 06/4/09

Comment by Adam Moore 2008-08-25 15:35:00

The suggestion is to let me specify which modules should have the optional dependencies loaded. I'm not sure how this
would look API-wise... you can always specify the specific optional dependencies you want. Will investigate for 3.x

Adam Moore

YUI Contributor

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  • GitHub: apm
Posted: 06/9/09
  • milestone changed from 3.NEXT to FUTURE
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YUI Developer

  • Username: george
Posted: 04/20/11
  • owner changed from Adam Moore to Dav Glass
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Dav Glass

Posted: 04/26/11
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Eric Ferraiuolo

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Posted: 10/4/11