Ticket #2528188 (closed defect)


Dav Glass
Opened: 02/8/10
Last modified: 08/25/10
Status: closed
Type: defect
Resolution: fixed


Dav Glass
Target Release: NEXT
Priority: P3 (normal)
Summary: Forum emails still have the do not reply footer

The email that forums send out still says
Do not reply to this email. It is a one-way only email address.
All messages sent to this address will be ignored."

at the bottom.

Type: defect Observed in Version: Current
Component: Forums Severity: S3 (normal)
Assigned To: Dav Glass Target Release: NEXT
Location: Website Priority: P3 (normal)
Tags: Relates To:
Browsers: N/A
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Change History

Dav Glass

Posted: 03/16/10
  • status changed from accepted to checkedin

Dav Glass

Posted: 08/25/10
  • resolution changed to fixed
  • status changed from checkedin to closed

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