YUI 3 Roadmap

YUI 3.4.0

YUI 3.4.0 is the latest release of YUI 3.

YUI 3.4.1

YUI 3.4.1 is the next planned release on the YUI 3 code line. The target release timeframe for YUI 3.4.1 is September/October 2011.

YUI 3.4.1 will be a smaller bug-fix release with a shortened development cycle. You can see all issues addressed in 3.4.1 in our bug tracker.

YUI 3.4.1 PR1 was made available on the CDN for community testing and feedback on September 22, 2011.

Patch Releases (if needed)

The YUI team regularly reviews all tickets submitted by our development community. If a significant issue is found in the current YUI 3 release, this roadmap page will be updated to include a projected release date for the patch and a summary of the issues that will be addressed. At this time there are no tickets in the queue that would require a patch release.