YUI 3 is the next generation release of the YUI Library.

Current Production Release: 3.11.0

The current release that is available for development purposes is 3.11.0. For more details on YUI 3.11.0, refer to the links in the Product Information box at right.

Next Release:

Our Development Schedule is located here:

Reporting Defects / Making Enhancement Requests

YUILibrary.com is the proper location for reporting defects found in the YUI 3 code as well as for logging enhancement requests for consideration for future updates. You can review existing tickets filed for YUI 3 by clicking the View Tickets link at the top of this page. Please review the YUI guidelines for filing defects and making enhancement requests before adding new tickets to the YUI 3 project using the New Ticket link above.

*Only logged in users can submit bugs and feature requests.