Ticket #2529254 (closed defect)


Richard Herrera
Opened: 01/24/11
Last modified: 04/13/11
Status: closed
Type: defect
Resolution: fixed


Matt Sweeney
Target Release: 2.9.0
Priority: P3 (normal)
Summary: Attribute selector fails to find elements with dashed attribute values in all browsers

This issue was tested on OS X 10.6 in Safari (latest), Firefox (latest), Chrome (latest), and on Windows XP in IE6, 7, 8.

YUI's selector engine does not detect elements when targeting via a dashed attribute value (e.g. YAHOO.util.Selector.query("[data-name]"))

I've recreated the issue in JSFiddle here: http://jsfiddle.net/dg8NB/

Type: defect Observed in Version: 2.8.2
Component: Selector Severity: S2 (high)
Assigned To: Matt Sweeney Target Release: 2.9.0
Location: Library Code Priority: P3 (normal)
Tags: selector engine, attributes, dashed attributes, data attributes Relates To:
Browsers: Firefox 3.x - Mac,Safari 5.x - Mac,IE - All,Opera,Chrome
URL: http://jsfiddle.net/dg8NB/
Test Information:

Change History

Richard Herrera

Posted: 01/24/11

Updated the test case with a sample query of non-dashed attributes vs dashed attributes:

Matt Sweeney

YUI Developer

Posted: 01/25/11
  • milestone changed to 2.9.0
  • priority changed to P3 (normal)
  • status changed from new to accepted

Matt Sweeney

YUI Developer

Posted: 01/26/11
  • location changed to Library Code

Matt Sweeney

YUI Developer

Posted: 02/28/11
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YUI Developer

Posted: 04/13/11
  • resolution changed to fixed
  • status changed from checkedin to closed