Ticket #2528273 (closed enhancement)


Opened: 08/3/09
Last modified: 12/20/10
Status: closed
Type: enhancement
Resolution: wontfix


Dav Glass
Target Release: FUTURE
Priority: P3 (normal)
Summary: Option allow changing of text format of the current text element with out selection

When changing the text style (paragraph, heading) in other WYSIWYG editors including tinyMCE, FCKeditor and Dreamweaver, with out a selection will change the entirety of the the current text element
(hx, p) that the cursor is in.

In the yui text editor by default you can not access this control.
With the insert option set to true it will insert a new tag at that position.

I would like an option that when set and you change the text style it will change the tags on the the text element the cursor is in.

Type: enhancement Observed in Version: 2.7.0
Component: Editor Severity: S3 (normal)
Assigned To: Dav Glass Target Release: FUTURE
Location: Library Code Priority: P3 (normal)
Tags: text, selection, text style Relates To:
Browsers: N/A
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Dav Glass

Posted: 08/3/09
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  • milestone changed to FUTURE
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Dav Glass

Posted: 12/20/10
  • resolution changed to wontfix
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