Ticket #2528134 (closed enhancement)


Jenny Donnelly
Opened: 07/2/09
Last modified: 12/23/10
Status: closed
Type: enhancement
Resolution: wontfix


Jenny Donnelly
Target Release: FUTURE
Priority: P5 (trivial)
Summary: Support query values pasted in with mouse

Values pasted in with mouse (i.e., right-click > paste) don't trigger key events therefore don't trigger queries. Will consider adding a config to enable interval detection to support this case.

Type: enhancement Observed in Version: 2.7.0
Component: AutoComplete Severity: S4 (low)
Assigned To: Jenny Donnelly Target Release: FUTURE
Location: Library Code Priority: P5 (trivial)
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Change History

Walter Rumsby

YUI Contributor

Posted: 06/15/10

We've extended the YUI control distributed in YUI 2.6.0 and added paste support by adding the following event listener:

Event.on(input, 'paste', function(e, autocomplete) {
// We're interested in the value of the input field after text is pasted into it instead of the pasted text because the autocomplete
// proposals are based upon the field's whole value. The paste event happens before the input field has been updated so we need to wait until
// after this event has been handled to check the value of the input field.
window.setTimeout(function() {
if (autocomplete._sInitInputValue !== autocomplete.getInputEl().value) {
}, 1);
}, this);

Jenny Donnelly

YUI Developer

Posted: 12/23/10
  • resolution changed to wontfix
  • status changed from accepted to closed

This is supported by YUI 3 AutoComplete.