Ticket #2149648 (closed defect)


Opened: 10/6/08
Last modified: 01/22/09
Status: closed
Type: defect
Resolution: wontfix


Jenny Donnelly
Target Release: 2.7.0
Priority: P3 (normal)
Summary: DataSource doesn't accept empty resultsList

parseJSONData now doesn't work if responseSchema.resultsList is empty, which it did in 2.5

Type: defect Observed in Version: 2.6.0
Component: DataSource Severity: S3 (normal)
Assigned To: Jenny Donnelly Target Release: 2.7.0
Location: Priority: P3 (normal)
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YUI Developer

Posted: 10/6/08
  • summary changed from DataSource doesn't accept empty resultsList to [#2263549] DataSource doesn't accept empty resultsList

This bug report is being forwarded to the author or current owner of the affected component for additional investigation and response.


  • Username: ctheune
Posted: 11/25/08

We stumbled over the same problem and this issue is pretty critical as it makes YUI 2.6 competely unusable for us (aside from patching your guys' code).

If you acknowledge this we might be able to contribute a patch.


  • Username: devasatyam
Posted: 11/26/08

In the meantime, the issue can be resolved by overriding doBeforeParseData as follows:

myDataSource.doBeforeParseData = function (oRequest, oFullResponse, oCallback) {
return {result:oFullResponse};

This will produce a non-empty response for the DataSource to parse. The responseSchema needs to be changed to:

myDataSource.responseSchema.resultsList = 'result';

The patch will work even if the bug is eventually fixed.


Posted: 01/7/09

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YUI Developer

Posted: 01/22/09
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The component owner has reviewed this issue and provided the following feedback:

I'm still not convinced that this is worth fixing. As I posted to the forum,
declaring responseType as TYPE_JSARRAY and defining responseSchema.fields will
give implementers what they need. There is a lot of parsing logic handled by
the JSON parsing functionality that I don't want to overload with array parsing

The change in behavior is regrettable but with proper documentation, I think it
is the right thing to do.