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Sebastián Gurin

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tree node custom icons

Post Posted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:38 am
Hi all. First of all alloyui is great! Now my question:

I'm creating a tree view using treenodes of type io (children nodes are poblated with json from server). I want to set custom icons to each node. The only documented attribute I found is iconEl, that accepts a node or selector that it seems to be being moved instead of copied to treenode icon place.

* Icon element.
* @attribute iconEl
* @type Node | String
iconEl: {
valueFn: function() {
return A.Node.create(ICON_TPL);

The only way I found to successfully use this is with a function that creates and return an img object with the icon like this: iconEl: (function(){var img = document.createElement("img"); img.src="icon.png"; return img;})().

Unfortunately, the json that define tree node children, returned by the server, must be a valid json string.
So my question is, can you provide me with a simple example on setting custom icons to aui tree nodes of io type?

Thanks in advance.
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